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How I Help My Clients Succeed

  • What type of entity makes the most sense for my business?
  • How do I make use of my business financial statements?
  • Tax saving strategies
  • Which expenses can I deduct?
  • Which Retirement plan is right for me?
  • Can I hire my family?

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Featured Highlights

Tax Calculator

I created a tax calculator that will help you determine your tax savings if you choose to switch from a Sch C to an S Corp. We developed this ourselves and it will allow clients to enter their own data and determine the tax benefit.

Salary Generator

I am sharing with my clients a software tool that uses US census data to determine what is a fair and reasonable salary for an S Corp.

Sample Webinars


  • Our law firm start-up needed to focus on practicing law and solving public policy problems for our clients. Lawyers managing their books? A sure recipe for disaster. We interviewed many companies - large and small - before we signed up with Jason. We are really pleased with his services and advice. Jason is patient and understands the accounting needs of a start-up company. He is an invaluable member of the Poblete Tamargo team; we wholeheartedly recommend him and his company.

    Mauricio Tamargo Partner, Poblete Tamarg
  • Jason Osser has been instrumental in helping me organize my business books and helping me reach the next level with my interior design business. His bookkeeping services have kept me clear on where I am financially and have allowed me to plan for where I need to go. I highly recommend Jason to any business that wants a clear financial picture for their business. Thanks Jason.

    Paola McDonald Owner, Creative Elegance Interiors
  • I used Jason for my taxes and was very impressed! The process was extremely painless and I enjoyed the time I spent with him. Jason found $300 that I never would have known about if had done my taxes myself, which is what I have always done in the past. You can bet I’ll be using Jason from now on and I’m referring him to others! His top qualities are: great results, expertise and good value for the money.

    Candace Tuohey Director of Sales, Intelligent Office
  • I have been working with Jason Osser for 4 years. During that time, Jason has gone above and beyond in extending himself to solving a variety of tax issues that had been plaguing me for some time. Jason helped me to organize my thinking and documentation in a step by step orderly way that resulted in totally resolving my issues with both the IRS and the Virginia taxing authorities with a very favorable outcome. I could not be more pleased with Jason Osser’s ability to listen to his client’s issues and apply his professional knowledge. I whole heartily recommend Jason S Osser CPA & Associates to anyone who needs help with tax preparation or who is having issues with the IRS.

  • I started working with Jason in 2012 on filing of both my business and personal tax returns; over the years, Jason has also become my "go to" person for all my business accounting needs. Understanding my unique situation, Jason advised me regarding proper setup of my business entity, assisted in keeping my accounting records up to date, and has recently helped my business secure a line of credit. What I am most appreciative of Jason is his responsiveness and tenacity for getting results. I know I can always count on Jason's accounting expertise so that I can focus on running my business.

    Beth Wallace Big Lens LLC, CEO
  • Jason is so much more than a book keeper. Jason is my business consultant who just happens to be proficient in QuickBooks AND is a CPA. How does it get any better? Well, Jason helps. He sees the big picture. He understands how to not only create a business budget, helping with projections and forecasting, but he also helps with the analysis of what I call “subject,” “verb,” and “predicate,”—my income, expenses and net cash flow. His look at my financial statements monthly has helped, and continues to help, nurture that framework for success for me as a person, who rarely sits down and is driven with a goal in mind.

    Elizabeth Lucchesi Long & Foster, Realtor