How your business is structured can have a significant impact on your tax liabilities

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Business Tax

How your business is structured, e.g., Sole Proprietorship, LLC, S Corp, Partnership, or C Corporation, can have significant impact on your tax liabilities. As part of tax planning, we work with you to determine the best entity structure based on your particular business needs to help reduce your tax liabilities. Additionally, we look for ways to help save on taxes – whether it be purchases of new equipment/vehicle, or establishment of retirement plans, we work with you to decide what tax advantages work best for your business.

For tax preparation, the list of services we provide includes but is not limited to: business income tax filings, sales and use tax returns, personal property tax returns, business occupation and professional licenses, and quarterly income tax filings.

Individual Tax

  • Does the thought of filing your tax return give your nightmares?
  • Do you understand the intricacies of various forms and schedules, and how they affect your tax liabilities?
  • Are you concerned that you may be missing valuable deductions and are therefore throwing your money away?

With the information you provide, our goal is to work with you to help ensure your tax returns are filed completely, accurately, and timely. Our typical process starts with gathering all necessary information. After preparing the returns, we then thoroughly review the returns with you. Upon your approval, we then electronically file the tax returns for your convenience. A key difference from other tax preparers is that we take time to explain your tax returns to help ensure their accuracy and completeness.

When a major life event occurs, e.g., going to college, buying a house, having a baby, going through a divorce, or planning for retirement, all of which can have significant tax implications; please call us for a free initial consultation to see how we may help.

As an added service, we specialize in IRS representation. Should you receive letters from the IRS or State Taxing authority, please contact us for assistance; we have helped many clients who were subjected to tax audits.