Riding QuickBooks

To The Promised Land

Why use QuickBooks?

Rather than adding another title to the growing library of How-To books, serial entrepreneur and CPA, Jason Osser, has written one that tells you WHY you should be making better use of QuickBooks to maximize your profitability.

Starting with the fundamentals and moving on to advanced topics, Osser shares:

  • Which version of QuickBooks is right for your business
  • Setting up QuickBooks correctly from the start
  • Maximizing QuickBooks powerful reporting and budgeting features
  • How to use QuickBooks to minimize your tax liability
  • And much, much more

What Business Owners Are Saying:

“The clearest direction I have ever seen for how to leverage QuickBooks as a tool to maximize your profits.”
Forrest Odend’hal, Real Estate Broker

“Makes QuickBooks understandable, important, and automatic. Just like turning on the lights.”
Mauricio J. Tamargo, Attorney at Law

“The best book on QuickBooks I’ve ever read.”
Martin Saenz, Co-Founder, Lighted Signs Direct