Restaurant Tax Deduction

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You can now support your favorite restaurant(s) and get a larger tax deduction.

We are slowly returning to a pre-pandemic environment in the USA.  Many States are lifting restrictions and allowing restaurants to return to full occupancy.  Many businesses are looking forward to seeing both employees and clients in person again, and some businesses are hosting parties in restaurants to reunite with clients and colleagues.  To help restaurants that have been struggling during the pandemic, the US government has provided a larger tax break for restaurant meals.

In the past, business owners were only able to deduct 50% of the expenses spent on eligible business meals.  For tax years 2021 and 2022, meals at a restaurant are 100% deductible, with the following guidelines:

  • With a client where work is discussed
  • Employee meals while traveling or at a conference
  • Treating a few employees to a meal
  • Dinner provided for employees working late

So, when you are ready, go out and support your favorite local restaurant(s) and know some meals may qualify for 100% business deduction.

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