Dear Jason – July 2021

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Dear Jason,

I own a C Corporation and hear in the news that the tax rates for C Corps may increase to 28%.  Is there anything that I can do?



Hi Joe,

It is becoming more costly for smaller “Mom-and-Pop” businesses to file as a C Corporation.  Prior to 2018, C Corps had a gradual tax and if they had taxable income of under $50,000, C Corps were taxed at 15%.  Starting in 2018, C Corps moved to a flat tax rate of 21%.  There are some new proposals to increase the tax rate on C Corps to 28% (this has not passed as of the writing of this article).  If you own a C Corporation, then you will likely save some money through tax planning.  One option may be to have your C Corp elect to file as an S Corp.  You should consult with a CPA before doing so, both to verify that it is beneficial, and to also be aware of the additional requirements unique to S Corps.



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